Worldview Formation of the Teacher-musician Personality in the Higher Education System

  •  Natalia Ivanovna Anufrieva    
  •  Eugeny Alexandrovich Anufriev    
  •  Irina Anatolievna Korsakova    
  •  Anna Iosifovna Shcherbakova    


The article is devoted to the formation specifics of the student's personality worldview within professional musical-pedagogical education. This specific is due, primarily, by the object of study that is music that has a spiritual being, and is able to provide comprehending personality ascent to the eternal valuesof life. Prerogative in the worldview formation of the personality belongs to philosophy and aesthetics (the philosophical science of art). Formation of a system of values, the power of judgment, and, most importantly, self-awareness and “self-identity” are the basis of ideological culture for the teacher-musician.

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