The Socialization of the Individual in the Outside World: The Problem Field and the Methodological Bases of the Research

  •  Victor Bulaev    
  •  Marina Soshenko    
  •  Elena Koverkina    
  •  Viktor Shmyrev    
  •  Mikhail Shcherbakov    


The problem of the individual socialization gets a special importance in the globalizing world, as it is accompanied by a number of negative processes, characteristic for this period of historical development. The main objective of this work-is theoretical and methodological explanation of the considered problem, and the identification of the ways to solve it. To achieve this goal in this paper we consider the process of the socialization of the individual in its surrounding world, from ancient times to the present day. We revealed the creative essence of man, his need, not only in social adaptation, but also in the transformation of the surrounding world. We formulated modern approaches, the complex application of which contributes to the solution of a number of problems, related to the problem of the socialization of the individual in the modern world. The deliberations of the problem are presented. On the basis of the conducted analysis, we concluded that the socialization of the individual in the surrounding world-is a complex path of spiritual and professional formation of the personality, which realizes itself as a creature and a creator of culture.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.