The Conception of Managing Innovation Process While Forming “Traditional” Model of Innovative Development of Economy

  •  Saule Abaibekovna Rakhimova    


Conceptual and categorical apparatus of innovation process and managing innovation process is introduced inthe article. The works of different scientists on innovations, innovation theory approaches and innovativedevelopment are reviewed here. Different approaches of Kazakh, Russian and foreign scientists towardinnovative processes and their management are analyzed in the article. The article provides the conception ofmanaging innovation process. The basic advantages and differences of the author’s approach are introduced here.Managing through emphasizing meso-objects is also offered here. Meso-level formed on the basis oftechnological effectiveness and submeso-level with subtypes of economic activities are singled out. The analysisof manufacturing industry structure of the Republic of Kazakhstan is made here. The share of average low-tech,low-tech, average high-tech and high-tech types of manufactures in the total value of innovative production iscalculated and introduced. The conception of innovative activity is revealed. The conclusions that theconcentration of innovative activity is higher in average high-tech and high-tech types of production are madeand they’ve proved that it is necessary to develop innovations in these very types of production. From the pointof behavioral aspects these types are also to be stimulated. On the bases of applying this technique bottlenecksand incentives with anti-incentives, entering and managing innovative process developing mainly high-techtypes of production can be revealed. Using integration approach it was offered to form regional innovativeclusters at the expense of which innovation process can be activated and it will allow forming “traditional”model of innovative development of economy. The proposed integrated approach allows eliminating a number ofproblems and activates innovation process that in whole will lead to building new models of innovativedevelopment of economy in developed and developing countries due to the factors of “input” into innovationprocess.

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