Conceptual Framework of Benchmarking in Russian Oil and Gas Companies

  •  Olga Viktorovna Lenkova    
  •  Irina Vladimirovna Osinovskaya    


In this paper we have reviewed the theoretical matters of possibility of applying of benchmarking on theenterprises of oil and gas sector. We have also reasoned the necessity of benchmarking realization in Russianpractice for increase of efficiency of sector’s companies’ activities by means of internal reserves mobilization.Benchmarking is suggested as “breakthrough” instrument of transformation of internal potential of organizationin accordance with requirements of external environment. There are main conditions predetermining such anecessity including: the regulation of oil and gas companies’ activity on the part of government,underdevelopment of national crude oil market, internal problems of functioning, etc. We have either stated theresults of research of benchmarking concept evolution and the approaches to understanding of its nature andcontent. The literature review of benchmarking terms by local and foreign scientists was conducted. We havealso suggested the scheme of generalization of existing definitions of benchmarking considering education,informational exchange and adaptation of the best experience for introduction of gradual changes into the workas main aspects, and pointed out the possibility of reviewing benchmarking in different ways in regard ofdifferent companies, depending on what stage of benchmarking evolution can be related to each of them. Thefeatures of benchmarking in the companies of oil and gas complex are specified and the structure of building ofvertically-integrated oil and gas subjects is presented. We have also reviewed various approaches to typology ofbenchmarking and given the critical analysis of possibilities of applying of its separate types within oil and gasenterprises. There are as well the results of benchmarking targets, functions and principles systematization andthe system of goals of oil and gas company. We have also proven the existence of confrontation betweenseparate goals of different links of technological chain.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.