Purchase Behaviour in Advergame and the Effect of Brand Attitude as a Mediator

  •  Azaze-Azizi Abdul Adis    
  •  Hyung-Jun Kim    
  •  Mohd Rizwan Abdul Majid    
  •  Zaiton Osman    
  •  Izyanti Awang Razli    
  •  Grace Phang Ing    


In this paper, we examine the impact of self-brand congruity and entertainment factors in influencing brandattitude among gamers on advergame. The role of brand attitude in mediating the relationship between self-brandcongruity and entertainment on purchase intention is also examined. By using structural equation modelling(SEM), the results show that self-brand congruity and entertainment influenced brand attitude and purchaseintention in advergame. As expected, brand attitude plays a crucial role in mediating the relationship betweenself-brand congruity and entertainment on purchase intention. This study also suggests some implications anddirections for future research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.