Evaluation of Innovative Regional Development Russia

  •  Parakhina V. N.    
  •  Boris O. A.    
  •  Midler E. A.    


The innovative potential of the region is a collection of innovative potential of its constituent business entitiesalso includes alleged or already developed resources. Functionally the innovative potential of the region structureincludes personnel, financial, material, organizational and other components that are needed to achieve the goalsof innovative regions. It is, so to speak, a kind of "World readiness" of region to performing the innovative tasks.Comparison of innovative development of federal districts showed that higher indices of innovative developmenthave Volga, Central, Siberian, Ural and North-West Federal District counties. Persistently lowest-NorthCaucasian Federal District Degree of differentiation of the regions of innovative potential and its componentssignificantly less than on the development of innovation and complex index, calculated for the proposedscientists of Research University "Higher School of Economics" and author of the article method, as well as theeffectiveness of regional innovation management. The authors recommended: first, to assess whether the regionssufficient innovation potential for self-development; secondly, to determine what regions effectively used theexisting potential, i.e. whether they have adequate innovative strategies; How effective their measures tostimulate innovative activity (whether by effective technology parks, business incubators, etc.); thirdly, a flexiblemechanism for monitoring and reallocation of funds in accordance with the level of efficiency; finally, provideadditional support to those regions that show the most recent dynamics of innovation.

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