Validity of Teacher-Made Assessment: A Table of Specification Approach

  •  Lei Mee Ing    
  •  Mohammed Borhandden Musah    
  •  Shafeeq HussainVazhathodi Al-Hudawi    
  •  Lokman Mohd Tahir    
  •  Naail Mohammed Kamil    


The validity of teacher-made assessment remains debatable in the educational assessment process. This studyinvestigates the content validity of teacher-made assessment in three Chinese Elementary Schools in Johor,Malaysia. It also examines teacher understanding of table of specification in the sampled schools. Aquestionnaire with 10 items was distributed to 30 teachers in order to collect the data on table of specification.Items 1 to 4 examine teacher understanding of the table of specification while items 5 to 10 test the contentvalidity of teacher-made assessment. The results showed that teachers exhibited a low understanding of the tableof specification. The analysis revealed that the majority of them never attended courses concerning table ofspecification and were unable to build a comprehensive table of specification for the subjects they teach. Thefindings also demonstrated that teacher-made assessment was valid in terms of content validity. However, mostof the teachers did not refer to the table of specification while building instruments for assessment. This indicatesthat teachers lack basic knowledge in designing a standard table of specification and they lack awareness on theimportance of the table of specification. Recommendations of the study for teacher-made assessmentimprovements were also addressed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.