Function and Structure of European Economic Interest Group and Its Structural Difference with Multinational Companies

  •  Masoumeh Rad Goudarzi    
  •  Khashayar Esfandiari Far    
  •  Ardeshir Esfandiyari Far    


There are individuals and groups who have common interest in many areas, including political, economic, socialand they are united together in order to achieve these benefits. One of the forms of this alliance in the economicsphere is forming an economic interest group. It has been so successful in economic development and progressand facilitating trade that goes beyond the boundaries and it has found a multinational nature in which EuropeanEconomic Interest Group is one of the most important ones. On the other hand, we are facing with multinationalcompanies which have more power and age in comparison to economic interest group. Whit the existence ofmultinational companies, the reason for existence of economic interest group is uncertain. In this study,researchers have examined the differences and benefits of these two institutions together and by examining thedifference, function and structure of them, the reasons of economic interest group's importance in EuropeanUnion are examined.

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