The Results of Islamic Behavior Promotion through a “Village Youth Club” among Youth in Ban Sarong, Khao Tum Sub-district, Yarang District, Pattani Province

  •  Kasetchai Laeheem    
  •  Dolmananch Baka    
  •  Hasbullah Tahe    
  •  Sasuree Walee    


This action research aimed to investigate the results of Islamic behavior promotion through the use of a “VillageYouth Club” among youth in Ban Sarong, Khao Tum Sub-distric, Yarang District, Pattani Province. The datawere collected from four groups of participants consisting of religious, local, and youth leaders, and parentsthrough brainstorming sessions participated by 10 representatives from each group totaling 40 people, andthrough focus group discussions participated by 10 representatives from each group totaling 40 people. Contentanalysis was conducted using the principles of logic to compare with related concepts, theories, and researchreports along with the context. The results revealed that there was improvement in youth’s behaviors after theyparticipated in the project to promote Islamic behaviors. Youths who behaved against Islamic principles began togive importance to and realize the importance of Islamic behaviors by taking part in praying in the mosque,fasting during Ramadan, staying away from all vices, especially gambling, dressing themselves according to theIslamic dress code, doing community service, and participating in more community activities. The results of thisstudy could benefit related individuals and organizations in forming policies and strategies to promote andsupport youth, especially those whose behaviors are not in accordance with Islamic principles, to behave in theIslamic way.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.