Major Approaches towards Understanding Smart Cities Concept

  •  Guzel Ishkineeva    
  •  Farida Ishkineeva    
  •  Simbul Akhmetova    


still no clear understanding of the meaning of this phenomenon, of its main characteristics and conditionsnecessary for its realization.According to one approach, the city can be determined as smart if it is fully equipped with information andcommunication technologies and rendering e-services to population. While another emphasize on complex citydevelopment, and consider the presence of ubiquitous information and communication technologies just as aninstrument of harmonizing city development.Modern smart city should not only be technologically developed but it should also provide a new better qualityof life and create more opportunities for the harmonious life and development for its citizens. “Smart city” canbecome an effective instrument of turning the economy to intensive and sustainable, and become a possiblesolution of a conflict between artificial and natural habitat only with this approach. In that sense “smart city” isthe only possibility of the future existence in the technologic society.

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