Effect of Using Movies to Enhance Personal Responsibility of University Students

  •  Chuchai Smithikrai    
  •  Nathawat Longthong    
  •  Chatwiboon Peijsel    


developing personal responsibility in students. The research sample was 84 undergraduate students of a largepublic university in northern Thailand. Participants were randomly assigned to two experimental groups(movie+discussion and movie only) and one control group. Experimental group 1 and 2 viewed 5 movies whichvividly portray personal responsibility during 5-weekly sessions. In addition, experimental group 1 participatedin a 40-minute elaboration session about personal responsibility after viewing each movie. For the control group,participants received no intervention. Through a pretest, posttest control group experimental design, the twotraining groups experienced a significant increase in personal responsibility, while the randomly assigned controlgroup showed no significant increase. In addition, results of the analysis of covariance indicated that systematicmovie-based training positively developed personal responsibility, as the group variable predicted personalresponsibility at post-training and 1-month follow-up periods while controlling for pre-training scores. Thus, theresults of this experimental study provide support that personal responsibility can be enhanced through afive-period movie training intervention.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.