The Development of Teachers’ Career in Relationship to OCB and Justice: A Study in Malaysia

  •  Ummi Naiemah Saraih    
  •  Hassan Ali    
  •  Shaiful Annuar Khalid    


This study is conducted to examine the relationship between organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) and teachers’ Career Advancement (CA) in the context of the Malaysian teachers. Two aspects of teachers’ CA such as number of promotion (NOP) and career satisfaction (CS) have been investigated in this study. This study also explores the roles of justice (distributive justice, procedural justice, interactional justice) as moderator in the relationship between OCB and CA. The data was gathered through mail survey method from 390 respondents. First, the result showed that OCB was not significantly related to NOP as well as to CS. Second, this study found that all factors of justice were the predictor to CS but not to NOP. The results also found that there was a significant interaction between OCB and distributive justice to NOP and CS. This study contributed some new knowledge which can be channeled to the Ministry of Education (MOE) to improve the level of OCB, justice and teachers’ CA, particularly in the Malaysian context.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.