A Review on Higher Education for Hearing-Impaired Individuals

  •  Norazah Nordin    
  •  Melor Md Yunus    
  •  Rozniza Zaharudin    
  •  Hadi Salehi    
  •  Mohd Hanafi Mohd Yasin    
  •  Mohamed Amin Embi    


The higher education for the hearing-impaired individuals plays a key role in each nation’s education development. Higher education of the deaf learners offers them opportunities to achieve valuable skills and knowledge for employment and social survival equal to the learners with normal hearing. This study aims to investigate on online information and communication technology (ICT) educational courses for the hearing-impaired individuals. ICT education is indispensable for hearing-impaired individuals because the visual display plays a critical role in helping them understand a task. Moreover, supported visual media are frequently used in computer education, because they are more vision-dependent, due to their imperfection of hearing. ICT improves productivity in increasing activity for the hearing-impaired individuals as it empowers them to express themselves through their works.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.