Bank Kiln: Type and Process of Pottery in Southern Laos

  •  Nattapong Prompongsaton    


This article investigates the process of pottery using kilns in Phakkaya village in Aadsapon city of Savannakhet province and in Tha Hin village in Samakkixai city of Attapeu province, Lao PDR. In these villages different kilns were used depending on the different geography it had. The process of pottery was similar among these two communities; however in Tha Hin village they used certain wood ash to coat the pottery while this wisdom was not known in Phakkaya village. The variety of pottery was similar, though the demands of certain product were not the same. Phakkaya was located in a rural area far from the city with inconvenient transportation and considered far from the urban city modernization; the emphasis of their pottery production was mainly ceramic household utensils and was distributed to nearby villages where most of the villagers were also Phu Tai people. In Tha Hin village, located on the main road to the major city of Attapeu province, this village was more developed and emphasized on producing ceramic whiskey jars to sell to other tribes living in the same province.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.