Diagnostics of Educational Activity Quality on the Basis of Qualitative Methods

  •  Elena Yuryevna Levina    
  •  Linar Gimazetdinovich Akhmetov    
  •  Liliya Nikolaevna Latipova    
  •  Alsu Linarovna Mirzagitova    
  •  Fairuza Ismagilovna Mirzanagimova    
  •  Zagir Azgarovich Latipov    
  •  Alfiya Rafisovna Masalimova    


The purpose of this article is to research a problem of diagnostics of educational activity efficiency quality increase in professional educational institutions. Presented article shows a technique of diagnostics of educational processes quality on the basis of educational activity results. The concept of general quality management (TQM) acts as the basis of the presented work. It provides the development and continuous improvement of educational activity quality. Quality indicators of educational process and methods of their estimation allow carrying out diagnostics of educational activity and they are given in the article. This article is intended for teachers, researchers, heads of the educational institutions dealing with issues of assessment and improvement of education quality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.