Retailer Service Quality and Customer Loyalty: Empirical Evidence in Vietnam

  •  Nguyen Thu Ha    
  •  Nguyen Hue Minh    
  •  Phan Chi Anh    
  •  Yoshiki Matsui    


This study investigates the relationship between retailer service quality and customer loyalty by conducting questionnaire survey on 664 buyers in several supermarkets in Vietnam. This questionnaire was constructed with 49 retail service quality items covering 6 service quality dimensions namely Physical aspects, Reliability, Personal Interaction, Problem solving and Policy and Information of goods, and 2 customer loyalty items. Statistical analysis results indicate the significant link between customer loyalty and such dimensions of service quality as Problem solving, Policy and Personal Interaction. From these findings, both managerial and theoretical implications have been discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.