Prioritizing Commodities in Southeast Sulawesi Province of Indonesia Using AHP Based Borda Count Method

  •  Haji Saediman    


This study aimed to determine the priority of agricultural commodities in the province of Southeast Sulawesi,Indonesia using combination of AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) and Borda Count (BC). In this way,pairwise comparison among alternative commodities was done using AHP, and the AHP ranking was thenanalyzed with BC. Six districts out of 12 districts in the province were selected as study location. Data andinformation were obtained through questionnaire survey and interviews with 30 decision makers (DMs) fromdistrict-level government institutions. Selected DMs came from (i) food crops division, (ii) estate crops division,(iii) livestock division, (iv) fisheries division, and (v) development planning agency. Study results show thatdistricts have different priority commodities depending on their agroecological characteristics andsocio-economic conditions. At the province level, the first priority commodity is sea weed, and the other top ninepriority commodities in order of ranking are rice, cocoa, beef cattle, maize, cashew nut, skipjack tuna, coconut,cassava, and citrus. The method has been proven robust, simple, flexible, and adequate to achieve the studyobjectives. This information about priority commodities can be used by the provincial government to renew itsfocus on developing agriculture sector.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.