Religiosity Online: Holy Connections with the Homeland by Filipino Migrants in Japan

  •  Reggy Figer    
  •  Winton Lou Ynion    


Religion is an indelible aspect of Filipino culture.  It has been challenged by different modes of discourses and has resulted to a variety of sects (kapatiran) and cults (samahan).  In the contemporary dispersion of human capital, Filipinos have been caught in the suspension of the performance of religiosity.  It is on this context that Internet has been utilized to develop significant network connections among Filipinos in diaspora.  This paper seeks to examine the interface between religiosity and the Internet use of Filipino migrants in Japan.  Drawing from the textual analysis of online postings on, it is evident that Filipino religiosity is reproduced as a form of long-distance ritual practice and cyber pilgrimage.  Through the interchange of affective subscription to one's religion, Filipinos develop connections among online migrants and with the sacred homeland.    

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.