Planning for Ex-Landfill Redevelopment: Assessing What Community Have in Mind

  •  Mazifah Simis    
  •  Azahan Awang    


Malaysia, a fast growing developing country is now facing the issue of inadequate urban spaces for futuredevelopment, which leads to the need to redevelop the brownfield, particularly ex-landfills. A total of 296ex-landfills have been planned to undergo redevelopment by the year 2020. Although there is a policy forex-landfill development, a question arises if the policy reflects the needs of the society as the end-recipient thatdetermines the success of the planned development. Therefore, this study was carried out to assess what thecommunity has in mind as a way to identify the community needs in ensuring the success of the futuredevelopment of ex-landfill. Based on the objectives to identify the perceptions of the community on (i)ex-landfill issues, (ii) the appropriate type of re-development for the ex-landfills, and (iii) the function of thepublic park in ex-landfills, which have been the main priority of the development type considered by thegovernment, this study produced a priority ranking result that could assist the urban administrator or specificallythe Local Authorities in Malaysia to plan an effective and an acceptable development of the ex-landfill for thebenefits of current and future communities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.