Modern University Teaching Meaningful Reconstruction: Combining Teaching with Research

  •  Tao ZHAO    
  •  Ye ZHU    


For universities, teaching is the prerequisite and basis of research, and it promotes the increasing improvement ofscientific research level; the scientific research is a source and power of teaching, research promotes thedeepening of teaching content. The effectively integration of teaching and research gives a new meaning to themodern university teaching. The modern university teaching should be a process that absorbing creativeachievements and making students have an access to the real knowledge, and that is the right teaching. The roleof modern universities teacher is not only to preach, teach and disabuse, but also as a teacher and a researcher. Itis said that “the best investigator should be the best catechist, the best catechist should be the best researcher”,and it makes a new identity for college teachers. Under the background of combing teaching and research, thearticle tries to interpret the new meaning of the university teaching and the teachers’ new responsibility.

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