Scientific and Theoretical Aspects of the Staff Recruitment Organization within the Concept of "Talent Management"

  •  Nina Victorovna Dmitrieva    
  •  Natalia Alexandrovna Zaitseva    
  •  Olga Sergeyevna Kulyamina    
  •  Anna Anatolyevna Larionova    
  •  Serafima Anatolevna Surova    


The purpose of the study of scientific and theoretical aspects of the staff recruitment organization within theconcept of "Talent Management" was a generalization of existing scientific approaches and results of originalauthor’s research in this area. The article presents the research results of organizational problems on effectivestaffing system at enterprises that use the concept of "Talent Management". In particular, the article studies themain theoretical and practical approaches for organizing and conducting various types of interviews, whenselecting employees and rotating them within the organization in accordance with the plans for staff training anddevelopment. The article also describes the principles of the structured interviewing techniques and one of itskinds, namely competency based interview, built on STAR or PARLA techniques, allowing one to evaluate notonly professional, but also social and psychological competences of applicants. Importance of preliminarypreparation for the structured interview is substantiated and the author's scheme of a structured interview issuggested. In addition, as a result of the study, the author generalized peculiarities of application of researchmethodology and evaluation of meta-programs, based on the linguistic analysis of applicants’ and employees’discourse. Author describes the main types of meta-programs, allowing assessment of the applicants’ motivationand their preferences in terms of the business relations development, applicants’ ways of thinking and makingvarious production and management decisions. Author gives original recommendations on preferences, whenchoosing candidates for certain positions in the organizations with regard to the objectives of the organizationwithin the concept of "Talent Management".

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.