Individual Means of Accommodation on the Resorts of Krasnodar Region

  •  Evgeny Vladimirovich Kudelya    
  •  Dmitry Vasilyevich Maksimov    
  •  Vera Vladimirovna Minenkova    
  •  Tatiana Aleksandrovna Volkova    
  •  Juliya Igorevna Karpova    


The main players on the accommodation mean market of the Krasnodar Territory are collective and individualaccommodation means. In 2014 a complex investigation of individual means of accommodation in Krasnodrterritory was conducted. Its aim was to define the number of non-organised tourists who who visited resorts, andincomes, acquired from their service. The prospects of the further development of this sphere in the KrasnodarTerritory are the expansion of the offer of hotel services in order to satisfy the demands of different categories ofconsumers. The sphere of hotel services needs an improvement of the material and technical facilities and furthergovernmental help for the tourism development as well as the aligning of the seasonal disbalance of thesanatorium-resorts and touristic organisations occupation.

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