Study of Natural Bitumen of Nagornoye Deposit, Troitskneft JSC (the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation) aimed at Processing Options Determination

  •  Alim Feizrakhmanovich Kemalov    
  •  Ruslan Alimovich Kemalov    
  •  Ilmira Maratovna Abdrafikova    
  •  Vasil Ilyasovich Gainullin    


The cost of natural bitumen production at present is very high and 3-5 times exceeds the cost of conventional oilsproduction; the technology developers are facing the challenge of developing processes which allow producinghigh sale price products at a low cost. The present study was aimed at finding out the composition and propertiesof natural bitumen from Nagornoye deposit of the Republic of Tatarstan (JSC Troitskneft) to determine thepossible ways for its processing as well as to definite the processing options. A conclusion made, that theproduction of residual bitumen of the high-viscosity oils and natural bitumen of Tatarstan Republic (as well asany other region having raw materials with similar composition) will contribute to increase in their productionvolume and quality by means of compounding of residual and air-blown bitumen, as in this particular case theiradvantages are combined. In addition, this will contribute to solution of the problem related to introduction ofwater-bitumen emulsions and bitumen-polymer binders into the road construction of Tatarstan Republic. The useof natural bitumen for production of various commercial bitumen marks and various bitumen products, makes itsrecovery economically feasible as its conventional recovery and transportation is noncompetitive againstconventional oils. At the same time, profitability of a pure bitumen option can be increased by means of abitumen-fuel option, provided that the diesel fraction is brought in full compliance with the GOST for S(summer), W (winter) and A (arctic) marks of diesel fuel.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.