The Role of Mass Media in Strangthening Intercultural Dialogue and Accord in Society

  •  Olga Nikolaevna Savinova    


Intercultural dialogue has an important role. It allows us to prevent ethnic, religious, linguistic and culturaldivides. It enables us to move forward together, to deal with our different identities constructively anddemocratically on the basis of shared universal values. It emerged that no sphere should be exempt fromengaging in intercultural dialogue – be it the neighborhood, the workplace, the education system and associatedinstitutions, civil society and particularly the youth sector, the media, the arts world or the political arena.The questions of the role of Mass Media in providing accord in ethno-cultural sphere and the responsibility ofcorporate journalist society for the realization of objections set to the press by the Strategy of nationalgovernmental politics of the RF are being discussed in the article.

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