Accounting Features of Intellectual Property in High School

  •  Elena Arkad'evna Orlova    
  •  Irina Igorevna Borisova    


Implementation of the strategic goal of integrating Russia into the world economy requires the definition of newpriorities that determine the country's competitiveness in international markets. Generating new knowledgecreation on their basis of technologies and their use in the socio-economic development of the state directlydetermine the role and place in the world community, the standard of living and national security.Traditionally, it is universities and academic institutions were the source of the fundamental knowledge thatunderlies the new products and processes. And it is this knowledge now determines the economiccompetitiveness of universities, institutes, companies, and the country as a whole. Inclusion of universities ineconomic relations occurs, including through the commercialization of intellectual property.

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