Effective Ways of Motivating Adults for Learning in Professional Field

  •  Ludmila Michailovna Levina    
  •  Valeria Valerievna Mariko    


The article highlights the problem of fostering motivation for professional development in adult learners. Itdescribes the methodology of autonomy-supportive educational practices applicable to designing innovativecompetence-oriented ERR-based in-service training programs at university. It presents the ways of cognitive andemotional support in the individual and collective zone of proximal development of in-service trainingparticipants. The aim of the study also is to identify key areas of development programs of additionalprofessional education, examines the experience of UNN on a number of programs to draw conclusions aboutthe future development of other related, those described in the article directions and retraining programs and theforecast potential outcomes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.