Predicative Clauses in Today Persian - A Typological Analysis

  •  Pooneh Mostafavi    


Predicative clauses in world languages encode differently. There are typological researches on this subject inother languages but none of them is on Persian. Stassen in his typological studies shows that the world languageshave yielded two strategies for encoding predicative clauses. Copulative and locative/existential constructionsare considered as predicative clauses. The strategies which Stassen claims are ‘share’ and ‘split’ strategies.According to Stassen some languages employ one of them and some employ both strategies. He shows in hisstudies, the language type can be determined by examining the said strategies in them. Using normal data, thepresent study examines two strategies for today Persian in order to determine its language type. The findings ofthe present study show that Persian could be categorized in both language types as both strategies are employedby it.

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