Comparative Advantages and Limitations of Qualitative Strategy of Comparison as Applied to Russian Cases of Perestroika Period’s Representation in History Textbooks

  •  Alexander Ivanovich Gorylev    
  •  Natalia Damirovna Tregubova    
  •  Sergiy Vladimirovich Kurbatov    


The paper is devoted to the analyses of the results of the comparative research of perestroika periodrepresentations in Russian textbooks on history. Research design and research results are discussed in aframework of distinction between qualitative and quantitative strategies of comparison. The basic features ofqualitative strategy, its strong and weak points are outlined based on the materials of the research. Threediscourses of representation of perestroika period in Russian textbooks are identified. The aim of this paper is todiscuss comparative advantages and limitations of qualitative strategy of comparison as applied to our study ofperestroika period representations in Russian textbooks on history.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.