A Portfolio as an Alternative Means of Presenting the University Student’s Achievements

  •  Regina Gennadyevna Sakhieva    
  •  Suriya Irekovna Gilmanshina    
  •  Iskander Rafailevich Gilmanshin    
  •  Svetlana Sergeyevna Kosmodemyanskaya    
  •  Ilsia Rafailevna Akchurina    
  •  Rimma Nadyrovna Sagitova    


The article defines the objective, the tasks, the functions of the portfolio as an alternative means of presentationof the students’ achievements in higher professional school. Nowadays there is no specified structure of thestudent portfolio, it may vary according to the targets, direction, educational profile and other factors. The paperconsiders the development of the structure of the undergraduate student portfolio. It also describes the principlesof designing a portfolio, the main advantages and disadvantages of using a student portfolio in the universityeducational process. The practical relevance of this article reinforces the presented brief practical advice oncreation a portfolio.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.