The Technology of Forming the Students’ Research Competence in the Process of Learning a Foreign Language

  •  Olga Vladimirovna Lopatina    
  •  Guzel Rafkatyevna Fassakhova    
  •  Leysan Atlasovna Akhmetova    
  •  Rinat Gabdullovich Gatin    
  •  Alfiya Shaukatovna Yarullina    
  •  Svetlana Radanisovna Nikishina    
  •  Elmira Robertovna Khairullina    


The research issue appears important as today's system of professional education requires an optimal structure ofthe academic disciplines intended for the students’ research and creative abilities development. In this regard, thepurpose of the article is to develop a technique for forming the students’ research competence in the process oflearning a foreign language. The flagship approaches to the development of this technology have become theresearch and modular competence-based approaches. The article describes the technology of the students’research competence formation in the process of learning a foreign language, the proposed stages of which areuniversal and can be also used in the formation of the students’ communicative competence, while the submittedsteps are particularly aimed at the formation of the students’ research competence in the process of learning aforeign language. The materials of this article may be of value to the foreign language teachers while selectingand structuring the foreign language learning curriculum aimed at the formation of the research competenceamong the students of higher professional schools.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.