Economic Value Added and Stock Market Development in Egypt

  •  Mansoor Maitah    
  •  Nayif Saleem    
  •  Karel Malec    
  •  Mohammed Boubaker    
  •  Shreen Gouda    


This paper examines the relationship between economic value added and stock prices, and analyzes the benefitof the use of Economic Value Added (EVA) in the creating process of investment policies that can be helpful toget extraordinary returns. The research tests a private data collection of companies traded at Egyptian stockmarket. To achieve the overall objective the paper is divided as follows: the first part of the study is an analysisof the fields which study the relationship between the scale of the EVA, stock price and dividends. Section twoof the paper deals with the literature review while section three presents the study hypotheses and section fourdeals with the methodology of the study. The last part includes the summary of the research and its results.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.