Young Lecturers' Catalyst Technique towards Excellent Research Culture in Malaysia Scenario

  •  Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman    
  •  Mohd Jailani Mohd Nor    
  •  Ahmad Kamal Ariffin Mohd Ihsan    
  •  Azamin Zaharim    
  •  Afiq Hipni    


A university's strength is very much depending on the leadership of the professors as well as the passion ofyoung researchers. Their experience, expertise and spirit lead to the excellence of the university and as well asthe reputation. There is however a certain mature period for young lecturers to make them capable of doing aquality research. The maturity denotes the readiness to conduct a proper reasearch and to carry otherresponsibilities in providing a platform of contribution towards the university, society and Nation. Hence, theyhave to be independent to utilise all resources in achieving their goals and target. This paperwork acts as a guideto expedite their maturity by providing information to ensure the continuance of the research field. The proposalof the study is based on the case study and brainstorming session through several workshop organised byresearch group.

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