Examining the Relationship between Job Enrichment and Performance: A Case Study of Nurses

  •  Iravane Masoudi Asl    
  •  Aslan Nazari    
  •  Mehdi Raadabadi    


Background: Nurses are the largest group of health care professionals whose performance plays a significant role in improving health care services. One way to increase performance and job satisfaction in nurses is job enrichment. Job enrichment seeks improving performance and employees’ satisfaction by broadening the scope of one’s performance and giving more opportunities for individual success and growth. The present study aims at investigating the relationship between job enrichment and its dimensions on nurses’ performance.

Research Methodology: The present analytical research was done in a public hospital on 160 nurses in Tehran in 2012. The instrument was a questionnaire consisting of two sections of nurses’ demographic information and JDS questionnaire with 21 items. The employees’ assessment was based on official assessment and self-assessment. The data was analyzed by SPSS.19 and descriptive statistics of mean, standard deviation, frequency, percentage, and comparative tests of qualitative data (Chi-square).

Results: The score of all nurses’ performance, whether the formal or official score of performance assessment or the assessment score itself, indicated a high level of performance score and more than half of the nurses had a performance score of 81 to 90. Among the seven dimensions of job enrichment, the lowest mean was related to job independence and the highest was related to interaction and subsequently. In general, there was no statistically significant importance between job performance and job enrichment (P=0.212).

Conclusion: Regarding the research limitation (the criterion for assessing nurses’ performance was their self-assessment score); it seems that assessing performance score more accurately studies the relationship between these two factors with more precision. In addition, with respect to the deep influence of nursing care on patients’ health, utilizing other methods of empowerment for improving nurses’ performance is essential in this hospital.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.