Engaging Civil Society in Urban Development: Best Practice in Udon Thani, Thailand

  •  Thanadorn Phuttharak    
  •  Apisak Dhiravisit    


This paper aimed to propose a guideline for city management for the rapid growth of Udon Thani, Thailand. The study was conducted by qualitative approach. In-depth interview and focus group discussion were used as research tools to collect data. The study was done with 12 key participants who were city-related stakeholders and 45 persons who were from the government sector, private sector, and public sector during the focus group discussion method. Content analysis was used to analyze the findings. Research results found that the government sector and private sector were key agencies leading the city expansion and city policy issuance, while the public sector still lacked participation in city development planning. Therefore, participation of the public sector in city development should be promoted more. In addition, social cohesion should be generated to exchange and share knowledge, activity, and experiences in issues related to the city and some problems related to the urbanization phenomenon. Social media was also introduced as a new channel of communication among the citizens and other city stakeholders. 


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.