Examination of Human Psychological Needs according to Islamic Teachings

  •  Hassan Rezaee Haftador    
  •  Eshaq Hoseyni Koohsari    


Every day, mental illnesses bring about significant economic, social, and personal loss. It is for this reason that investigation of human psychological needs is essential. Failure to meet these needs may result in mental disorder. Keeping the psyche healthy and securing peace of mind are some of the main concerns of monotheistic religions, especially Islam. The psychological needs of human beings addressed in the teachings of Islam are examined in the present study. According to Islamic teachings, the most important mental needs of humans include safety, love, self-esteem, knowledge, beauty, self-actualisation, and prayer.

Quranic teachings maintain that fulfilment of psychological needs not only prevents mental disorders, but also acts as a prelude to worshiping God since humans attain sustainable peace through worship.


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