Quality Control Optimization of University Students Training

  •  Elena Yuryevna Levina    
  •  Firuza Albertovna Saglam    
  •  Anna Ildarovna Skorobogatova    
  •  Albert Khanifovich Shaikhlislamov    
  •  Viktoriya Ravilyevna Sagitova    
  •  Albina Raisovna Fayzullina    


The purpose of this article is to research the opportunities of university students’ training quality control efficiency increase. The presented article contains offers of optimization of students training quality monitoring systems. Industrial plans of goods optional quality control, adapted for system of professional education act as the basis of the presented work. Optimization of the automated testing procedures of knowledge by mathematical modeling and use of methods of consecutive quality control is made in the article. This article is intended for teachers, researchers, heads of the educational institutions dealing with issues of an assessment and improvement of education quality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.