Prevention of Latent National Aggression in the Course of Future Teacher Education

  •  Valerian Faritovich Gabdulchakov    
  •  Olga Vladimirovna Yashina    


The basic principles of tolerance, respect for other cultures, readiness for cross-cultural dialogue, basic principles of productive bilingualism are introduced not at school or university, but in kindergarten (age 3-5). At this age, family (parents) and educators play a special role. However, it is in the kindergarten where kids are often badly influenced. The technology of preventing latent national aggression should give students the opportunity to participate in goal-setting, planning their pedagogical activity and its control; ensure their predicting of cross-cultural content, types and results of business or simulation games; when developing the methods of organization of stages in the game, it is necessary to consider the relationship between regulatory, cognitive and communicative components of anticipation. The technology should be based on multicultural content. The values of two cultures, two languages should be disclosed in this content, and positive situations of cross-cultural dialogue should be presented.

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