Virtual Computer Technologies in Practice of Socio-Psychological Assistance toward the Unemployed People: Current State and Prospects of Researches

  •  Galina I. Efremova    
  •  Rimma M. Aysina    
  •  Inna V. Kolotilova    
  •  Zhanna A. Maksimenko    
  •  Angelina A. Shagurova    


In article the possibilities of application of the virtual computer technologies (VCT) in practice of a socio-psychological assistance to the population are considered. Achievements of modern science in a scope of systems of virtual reality in the “helping” professions are observed. Solving the psychological problems of the unemployed people can be optimized by means of VCT are discussed. The requirements to development of virtual training model which would promote quality improvement of social psychological assistance of toward the unemployed are formulated.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.