A Study on Sub-Clinical Narcissistic Personality Score and Its Relationship with Academic Performance-An Indian Experience

  •  Vaidhyanatha Balaji    
  •  Indradevi Balasundaram    


Sub-clinical narcissism is the presence of narcissistic personality traits in otherwise normal people. People with high levels of these traits said to have inflated self-esteem and possibly a high egotism. A 40 itemed Narcissistic Personality Inventory is used to measure this type of personality traits. Those individuals who score above 20 points from the available 40 points of NPI-40 Inventory is considered to be having higher levels of Subclinical Narcissism and prone to exhibit socially dislikeable personality traits. This study tried to address the relationship between supposedly negative personality traits of Sub-clinical Narcissism using NPI-40 Score against past and present academic performance of a group of students in a Private University setup. The study included 202 participants from a Business School Division of a Private University. Analysis showed that only at the current academic levels of the respondents, NPI-40 scores were significantly correlating with their academic performance. Research implications are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.