The Development of a Provincial Green and Happy Society Index in Thailand: The Richer You Are, the Happier You Are

  •  Sumalee Santipolvut    


This paper aims to develop the GHI at the provincial level, in order to reflect obvious levels of development under the eleventh National Economic and Social Development plan (2012–2016), which can be used to monitor, evaluate, and report the performance of a green and happy society. It will also encourage awareness and the formation of networks in the development of the GHI in each province. There are six dimensions of the GHI, the values and levels of which depend on data availability, benchmarking, and index classification. The panel data along with the random analysis implies that the provincial GHI calculation, using area approach benchmarking, is more accurate than the national calculation. In addition, the validity test of the constructed GHI also implies that wealthier people in the provincial areas are more likely to be happier than their poorer counterparts.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.