Assessing Teacher’s Integration of Technology and Literacy in Elementary Science Classrooms in Kuwait

  •  Fatimah Alhashem    
  •  Ali Al-jafar    


The purpose of this study was to investigate experienced science teachers’ perceptions regard integrating literacy and technology while teaching science at an elementary level. A concept map and rubric were developed basedon the TPACK model to assess teachers' understanding and an in-depth interview technique was used to collectmore data from the teachers. For the analysis, the concept map was graded based on the rubric and in-depthinterviews were thematically analyzed. The data indicated that teachers have a negative perception aboutintegrating technology and literacy in their classes, due to several barriers. This paper concludes withrecommendations to facilitate the use of technology and literacy when teaching science in the elementary schoolsin Kuwait.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.