The Formation of Social-Psychological Competence in Professional Activity of Subjects Two Different Groups of Bank Workers

  •  Flera Gabdulbarovna Mukhametzyanova    
  •  Nataliya Sergeyevna Krasnenkova    
  •  Lucia Fedaiyevna Chukmarova    
  •  Aleksandr Nikolayevich Kazakov    
  •  Sergey Aleksandrovich Kryukov    
  •  Larisa Konstantinovna Obukhova    


The research of the problems caused by occupational optimization of Bank employees aimed at creating asocial-psychological competence in their professional activity, which is ordered in the labour market. Thepurpose of the article is aimed at identifying the personal characteristics of the subjects of the two differentgroups of Bank employees in their professional activities. A leading method is a method of testing aimed atidentifying personal characteristics such as: empathic abilities, personality predisposition to conflict behavior,ability to listen, machiavellism. The article revealed that the socio-psychological competence of the subjects ofthe two different groups of Bank employees is determined by a set of specific vocational skills, such as empathicabilities, personality predisposition to conflict behavior, listening skills, the manifestation of machiavellism. Thearticle can be useful for selection and placement of personnel in the internal environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.