The Development of Organizational and Managerial Skills of Future Technology and Entrepreneurship Teachers during Professional Training

  •  Artem Edikovich Islamov    


The article aims to elaborate certain patterns of formation of organizational and managerial expertise of futureteachers of technology and entrepreneurship. The main study approaches were integrative, expertise and activityapproaches defining methodology, content and technology of forming organizational and managerial expertise offuture teachers.The presented pattern of organizational and managerial expertise of future technology andentrepreneurship teachers includes the following sections: regulatory and target, theoretical andmethodological, algorithmic, procedural and productive-evaluative sections. This article material can beuseful for high school professors who offer specific training for future technology and entrepreneurshipteachers, for teachers and school managers within specific training courses and when enhancing professionalskills of technology and entrepreneurship teachers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.