The Basic Ideas of the Concept of Professionally-Motivating Industrial Art Education

  •  Boris Vladimirovich Ilkevich    
  •  Konstantin Borisovich Ilkevich    
  •  Vadim Vadimovich Nikonov    


The purpose of the article is to develop the concept of professionally- motivating Industrial Art education,methodological guideline for which appear the ideas of implementing a humanistic paradigm of Industrial ArtEducation in Russia. The paper presents the main ideas of the concept of professionally motivating Industrial ArtEducation that allows to specify the basic requirements for the educational goals and process, driving forces,teaching methods, syllabus, the requirements for teachers and students, as well as the eventual result whichsupposes a high level of professional motivation, students’ commitment to professional skills, self-education,ability to apply the acquired knowledge in the art craft, to improve individually. The article issues aretheoretically and practically important for the administration and teaching staff of vocational educationinstitutions within organization of professionally-motivating Industrial Art Education.

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