Functional and Typological Development Features of the Tatar-Language Press in the Republic of Tatarstan under Current Conditions

  •  Lyailya Rashitovna Sabirova    
  •  Rezeda Lokmanovna Zayni    
  •  Aysilu Farsovna Galiyahmetova    
  •  Rasima Mullayanovna Galieva    


The article analyzes the peculiarities of functional, typological and genre development of press in the Republicof Tatarstan in the current context. At present in Russia the role of the regional press increases. In a competitiveenvironment, very often journalists initiate the appearance of the yellow press or tabloids. At the same time,recent years have seen the reverse process, namely emergence of qualoids. Today’s editions are missing a clearseparation between journalistic genres; in parallel with this tendency, began to form a new genre forms.Nevertheless, the Tatar-language publications are characterized by thematic narrowness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.