Psychology of Intellectual Activity-Related Development of a Student

  •  Leonid Popov    
  •  Elena Ibragimova    


The focus is on the student, primarily as a subject of intellectual activity and a psychological mechanism of itsdevelopment and self-development. The article targets characterizing the strategic approach to the student'spersonality and showing the development areas based on the concept of the human being a subject ofdevelopment; it also targets presenting the results of intellectual activity-related development of psychologystudents, and the place of the outer and inner determination using the "Self-interview" method (an adaptedversion). One of the most important goals of the modern higher education is to provide a person not only withgeneral and vocational training, but also with the necessary basis for self-education, professional and personalself-development, active use of knowledge and skills to address the emerging practical and theoretical problems.The key conclusion is the rationale for conducting educational activities with account of the main acmeologicalprinciple: any training should stimulate productivity, permanent personal and professional growth of students. Ifwe consider socialization as the entry into the culture and its generation, a psychology student must first masterthe psychological culture, including the specialized knowledge and skills, which can be correlated with the firststage of professional socialization. Then, while mastering it, he begins to use them as his own, which may be thesecond stage of professional socialization. And finally, he must enrich the psychological culture with hisindividual contribution, i.e. form the meta-individuality of personality – it is the third stage of professionalsocialization. Artistic creation, which is an important component of formation of the self-development ability,should be the main guide of their learning and professional activities. A graduate should be prepared not only asa professional but also as personality, a subject of development and professional activities.

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