Social-Economic Problems of Russian Mono-Towns

  •  E. M. Kryukova    
  •  E. A. Vetrova    
  •  A. N. Maloletko    
  •  O. V. Kaurova    
  •  S. V. Dusenko    


The relevance of the study is determined by the fact that now the problem of stable social-economicdevelopment of single-industry towns refers to one of the priorities of the state policy. Particularly critical thisproblem was showing in a financial crisis of 2008-2009., which indicated the interrelation of single-industrytowns on the city-forming enterprise’s activity results. City-forming enterprise’s risks makes the typical risks ofsingle-industry towns. Few core enterprises have funds to invest them in their own development and thesingle-industry towns development, what determine necessity of budget funds applying in programs ofmono-towns development.

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