The Triple Helix Model as a Mechanism for Partnership between the State, Business, and the Scientific-Educational Community in the Area of Organizing National Innovation Development

  •  Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin    
  •  Evgenia Evgen'evna Frolova    
  •  Natalie Vladimirovna Gryzunova    
  •  Elena Borisovna Shuvalova    


Setting the objective: this article is aimed at examining theoretical topical issues related to modeling innovationdevelopment within the setting of the “knowledge economy”. Our new understanding of the role of three crucialinstitutional entities (the state, business, and science) leads us to reconsider and look for new model solutions onthe formation of national innovation systems as environments that ensure sustainable national social-economicdevelopment. A goal-oriented and consistent partnership between the state, business, and science within theframe of the nascent information society and the knowledge economy helps resolve issues in ensuringsustainability not only at the level of national social-economic systems but that of the World System as a whole.The approach taken in this article lies in the following: the author is using as the article’s main methodologicaltool the institutional evolution approach complemented by a methodology for the formation of nationalinnovation systems through interaction between the state, business, and science. Results: the shift to newsocial-economic relations requires reforming the links between social entities and redistributing their roles inensuring national social-economic development. Realizing the Triple Helix model in practice as a basis for theself-organization and evolving of national innovation systems, with the inclusion of global social responsibilityin it as an element that helps ensure proper interrelationship of the components, helps neutralize the negativeconsequences of the action of the market mechanism for the creation of innovations and maximize the positiveeffects of the systemic globalization of the innovation sphere. Conclusion / recommendation: materials providedin this article not only illustrate the new special role of the Triple Helix model in shaping the national innovationeconomy but demonstrate the major changes taking place within the national and global social-economic system.The materials provided can be recommended for the use in working out methodologies for constructingself-organizing and self-developing national innovation systems.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.