Fixed Expressions with Sacred Numerals (on the Basis of Kazakh and English Languages)

  •  Shara Mazhitayeva    
  •  Aigul Asanovna Abdrazakova    
  •  Nurgul Asanovna Abdrazakova    
  •  Zhanar Aldanyshkyzy Kaskataeva    
  •  Turmahanbet Toleshovich Primbetov    


The numerals are specified by their symbolic meanings along with digital ones. One can find them mostly infixed expressions, legend stories, zhyr-dastans. The article is devoted to the use of the sacred numbers in fixedexpressions. The names of the numerals frequently appear in phraseological units, fixed expressions in Kazakhand English languages relating to religious beliefs, customs and traditions have been collecting from the earlytimes depict all specific features of wealthy sentience and considered to be a word-hoard. The actual materialswere collected from phraseological dictionaries of Kazakh, Russian and English languages. And also exampleswere taken from art works. There are different numerals used in phraseologisms and proverbs (two, four, five,six, eight, fifty, hundred, thousand and so on). The authors define a series of numbers which are considered to besacred ones according some concept beliefs. In article are determined the peculiarities of using numbers three,seven, nine, thirteen, twenty five, forty, fifty in fixed expressions and the use of these numbers in differentmeaning, to possess the sacred name.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.