Managing the Company in the Setting of Implementing Large-Scale Development Programs

  •  Nikolay Kuznetsov    


This article examines issues of streamlining project management systems in the setting of implementinglarge-scale company development programs.The primary aim of this work is to present a methodological approach towards the development of specificfunctional areas of project management and the formation of a baseline plan for the implementation of theproject, which consists of three major documents – a content management plan, a baseline schedule, and aproject cost management plan. The work provides methods and algorithms for the formation of baseline planresults and qualitative and quantitative assessment of risks and the project budget.At the same time, the author provides a number of limitations to the use of the proposed methodology, the mostcrucial of which deal with companies’ lack of specialists possessing the necessary level of professionalcompetencies, lack of special programming solutions on the automation of project management systems, and thelabor intensity of accurate and full quantitative assessment of possible damage in case of a risk event arising.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.